Meals on wheels

Looking a little like they have fallen directly out of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba here’s a highly stylised concept idea as to how McDonald’s could take its ubiquitous restaurant chain mobile.

The McMobile brings the concept of the original happy meal toy – which largely focused on actual products – to life as a connectible train of individual trading units.

“In the friendly tradition of ice-cream trucks, the highly visible McMobile brightens up the day at large sporting events, concerts, street festivals and any other events where large crowds are present,” states Access Agency, the brains behind the creative concept.

It’s a cute idea, which would no doubt go down a storm with consumers say in Japan. The only slight word of caution here comes with regards to the fries module - which appears to have lost the majority of its teeth. This may be due to the fact its been in a fight with a rival BkMobile van, or it could be a refection of the dietary benefits of the food in question.

Unfortunately the latter depiction of rotting teeth isn’t going to sit well with any fast food brand.

No matter how cute it looks.

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