Mercedes: Dirty letters

Mercedes came up with an innovative way of marketing its new Mercedes Sprinter Van as it positioned the vehicle as the must have workhorse for businesses. The idea was remarkably simple and boiled down to sending ‘dirty letters’ to its target business customers.

The tyres of a custom Sprinter van were specially carved with reverse print in order for the vehicle to effectively write its own application letters to various business targets outlying its many and varied credentials.  The concept here being that the van is “one of the best workers a company can employ”.

The process involved the Sprinter stocking up on ‘ink’ via a run through a deep mud puddle and then applying its tyre imprint onto a two metre piece of paper (a process it repeated to create 121 bespoke application letters).

The letters were then shipped out to the fleet managers and HR departments of major buyers with an attached digital code, which would lead the user to a video authenticating the originality of their letter (whilst also showcasing the vehicle itself).

It’s a clever door opener that puts the product centre stage, both in terms of narrative and the creative, driving a recipient to a dedicated micro site.

Seemingly the stunt paid off, with the Sprinter netting a number of key ‘interviews’ and sales.

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