Mercedes: Fashion Force

Mercedes sought to amplify its sponsorship of New York Fashion Week by providing a fashion-inspired taxi service to “style setters” in the downtown Manhattan area.

Stylist Brad Goreski and a team of Fashion Enforcers, comprised of fashions most influential bloggers (such as Lauren Sherman of and Kristian Laliberte of Refinery29), took to the streets in a Mercedes 2012 CLS 63  – pimped out as a mock police car – in order to track down and reward fashion trendsetters.

Those selected received a free taxi service to their destination, with some also benefiting from invitations to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway shows and a special Fashion Force event hosted by Brad Goreski in the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge.

"Mercedes-Benz has a natural affinity with the world of fashion with cars that appeal to those with a strong sense of style," said Lisa Holladay, manager of brand experience for Mercedes-Benz USA.

Volkswagen initiated a similar campaign, entitled ‘Style Express’, during Fashion’s Night Out in New York last year. The promotion saw a fleet of 30 Volkswagen Jettas shuttling shoppers, fashion editors, influencers and top designers across the city.

Both campaigns serve up a branded utility service right at the heart of the fashion experience, aligning with key influencers to deepen the brand’s credibility within fashion.

City specific events are ripe for this kind of interplay between brand and attendees, however is there a way to leverage this same kind of utility service with other events, such as the busy music festival season, which is fast approaching?

Volvo’s Snowbombing activation from last year is the closest example here, putting both bands and fans behind the wheel on a road trip to the music and winter sports festival. However, there is surely room for more service-based activations, which  employ a combination of influencers and travel as their primary objective, at other key events throughout the year.

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