Mexican beer brand parties hard

Mexican beer brand Dos Equis is following up its 2007 "Most Interesting Man in the World" advertising campaign with a whole show dedicated to the drink that likes to live life on the edge.

Dubbed “The Most Interesting Show in the World” the live event is comprised of a 17-city tour of the US, bringing a mesmerising host of quirky and extreme acts under one umbrella show.

The live show is being hosted by Andrew WK, he of the much used ad theme ‘Party Hard’ (which actually appeared in a Coors Beer ad in 2004), and will feature acts alongside the musician such as Persian burlesque star Cherie Lily, Hungarian illusionist Elliott Zimmet, and The Bubble Man.

“The Most Interesting Show provides an unparalleled combination of humour, danger and seduction, with a name like The Most Interesting Show in the World, you have to go all out on the talent, venue and production – and we’ve done that,” says Andrew, still wearing his trademark white t-shirt (but without a nosebleed this time).

This carnival of contortionists, musicians and magicians sees the beer brand digging deep into the iconography of the freak show, as it joins a plethora of other alcohol brands that are looking backwards for a more decedent and dangerous positioning for their brands. Sailor Jerry has its on-site music festival tattoo den, Four Roses Bourbon recently rolled out a Speakeasy promotion, whilst the Sherry Society of America has attempted to position the drink as part of an illicit invite only club.

Danger, voyeurism, secrecy  and a dash of high voltage music entertainment appears to be the required mix for these brands, as the seek to provide entertainment and lifestyle experiences that transcend the humdrum toil of everyday life.

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