Mini: Carmonica

We’ve been inundated over the last week or so by musical activations from automotive brands. Whether it’s Lexus offering an indie music discovery platform, Toyota teaming up with Pandora or Nissan rocking out across Europe with emerging artists.

However, what we really wanted was someone to strap 330 harmonicas  - all in the key of G – to a car and hit the road at speed, as the sound resonates endlessly, like some sort of ethereal choir of automaton angels.

Thankfully, they have.

Introducing the ‘Carmonica’ from Mini, which turns everyone’s favourite small car into a musical instrument. Albeit one that resembles a cheese grater.

The quirky concept is part of an ad campaign in New Zealand, described by one news network as “an episode of Pimp My Ride gone bit wrong” – which came to life after one simple 'down the pub-style' idea -  “what would happen if we strapped harmonicas to car?”.

Simple, silly and actually surprising effective, it reminds us of Lexus’ drum roll commercial from last year, which had a similar car as instrument ambition. What we'd like to see next is a fleet of these Carmonicas all tuned differently so they could create a moving musical serenade together.

The campaign also an added digital element which lets visitors to a dedicated micro-site customise their own Carmonica video by editing the ad footage (of which there are over a billion combinations). Naturally the finished production can be shared via social media.

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