Mini invites you to ‘Get Billboarded’

The iconic compact car brand recently set up a pop up photo booth in Berlin, inviting passerby to step inside and have their photo taken alongside the new Mini family model as part of the 'It’s Personal’ campaign.

Each participant was encouraged to wear brightly coloured headphones that would match customisable coloured side mirrors on each of the vehicles in the range (the Mini hatch, convertible, clubman and countryman.)

In addition to receiving a personalised souvenir of their snap, the photo is broadcast live on a giant billboard at the German capital’s busiest intersection, whilst also being streamed live on Facebook.

The campaign is also replicated online on the social media destination with viewers donning virtual headphones in order to have their snapshot broadcast globally in real time.

Naturally there is an incentive – other than seeing your face larger than life glaring down at traffic in Berlin – to drive uptake of he promotion, and that is the chance to win your very own Mini model with customised wing mirrors in your choice of colours.

It’s a simple idea and the actual customisation concept is fairly minimal, however, the use of popup, billboard and digital media is nicely integrated and offers users the ability to broadcast themselves to the masses without any overtly complex UGC mechanics providing a barrier to entry.

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