Miu Miu: Women’s Tales

Brands have been revisiting short films in a big way recently, with Lexus, Audi and Aston Martin all following an extremely early lead by BMW and tapping into chase style movie thrillers. Also, where luxurious automotive brands lead, high-end fashion naturally follows suit, and a large number of brands (Karl Lagerfeld, Dior, Prada, Ralph Lauren, etc) have opted to develop cinematic style branded entertainment content.

The latest luxury brand to make a concerted move into short filmmaking is fashion brand Miu Miu.  The fashion label is rolling out a series of short films under the banner of “Miu Miu Women's Tales”, the first of which comes courtesy of ‘Broken English’ director Zoe Cassavetes. Entitled ‘Powder Room’ the mini movie was filmed at London’s Claridges hotel and showcases the interactions between three women as they enter a hotel powder room.

The concept is designed to highlight the interplay between women in a sanctuary style environment. “I love the idea of the powder room, the ritual that takes place within them is very important for women,” says Cassavetes. However, the result is possibly too close to a catalogue style ad shoot to truly convey these kinds of emotions. The film feels too reliant on product shots as opposed to any direct narrative. Whereas the recent Dior campaign (although baffling in many ways) managed to focus in on a more cinematic story led proposition.

The argument here is that the Miu Miu film actually may have more appeal to its core audience, who are less impressed by sweeping cinematic gestures and perplexing plot lines. Sometimes simply positioning the product into a more basic, yet beautifully filmed, setting is enough – raising the question as to whether the core message, the product itself, gets lost in an overwrought movie context.

The website also offers up the now requisite behind the scenes footage and a series of interviews with the director and the cast, which shines more light on the creative concept.

Miu Miu is set to debut more short films in the coming months.

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