Mobile controlled banner ad

Banner ads clutter the web, many are big, few are clever.  However, although traditional static display formats dominate (and in many ways are seeing something of a resurgence due to the simplicity of Facebook ad placements, etc) there are those who are pushing the boundaries and offering a more engaging display ad experience.

Google is predicting that the display ad market will be worth $50B worldwide in 2015, so with massive growth, and a sense of saturation, comes a real requirement to innovate.

One such company is Go! Airlines, which recently introduced a clever little banner ad campaign that invited viewers to take part in a mobile activated game.

The Brazilian banner ad ran a simple message asking viewers to input their mobile phone number. Mere seconds after entering their number a user was sent flight instructions and the page transformed into a mobile operated flight simulator. The virtual plane could be manoeuvred across Brazil’s biggest travel website via simple keypad controls, with the latest flight deals springing up as the plane crossed over various destinations.

The game served to remind customers of the benefits of checking in early via their mobile phone.

The display ad campaign was live for five days generating an average of 2500 calls per day.Gol Airlines - Mobile Check in from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.

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