Mobile powered popup cinema

Popup or secret cinema experiences have been gaining momentum for some time now, yet despite innovative settings and the addition of costumed experiential activity, the medium hasn’t attained a level of interaction and personalisation that the new sway of homespun video creators demand.

YouTube Theater, created by US artist Aaron Jones, is something of an exception, providing a popup cinema experience that is entirely controlled by the viewer.

A simple metal structure forms the basis of this open air Guerrilla cinema, enabling those who interact with it to dock their smartphone into a basic audiovisual device, which then projects the users chosen video footage on a large wall.

It's very lo-fi stuff, utilising existing wireless networks, but it is this simplicity and clever construction (with the metal pipes encasing the wiring) that means the personalised cinema experience can be set up in even the most run down urban environment, taking user-defined cinema to the streets.

“The project is based on the assumption that the Internet (Wi-Fi) can potentially deliver entertainment and information into any place, even a neighborhood that may be overlooked or discounted," says Jones.

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