Like Motorhead, only slower

The pace of the negotiation behind-the-scenes on the latest Kronenbourg TV ad hardly reflected the brand's emphasis on slowing things down, but now the dust has settled we might treat ourselves to a deservedly leisurely pint.

Working with BBH, FRUKT assisted in securing Lemmy as the leftfield and somewhat tongue-in-cheek man for the job. We negotiated directly with management, handling all the logistics from cars and flights to budget and equipment and made sure that all rights were cleared with all the relevant copyright owners.

We also arranged the studio re-record and producer, overseeing the creative musical treatment. So, whilst we aren't yet enjoying the effects of a well-rested sojourn in the boozer, it's definitely on the to-do list.

The end result is great and nails the mood of the times perfectly. Congratulations to all involved.

Like Motorhead only slower

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