MTV: chopsticks = drumsticks

Here’s a low key little ambient campaign from MTV that proves that interactive music marketing doesn’t always need to be complex, or even include actual music.

The Brazilian arm of MTV placed ads on placemats in 11 local sushi restaurants that depicted a birds eye view of a drum kit.

Providing people with their chopsticks they were compelled to tap away on the paper kit while passing the time waiting for their food to arrive.  No big artist endorsements, no complicated licensing arrangements, no unnecessary digital app programming. Just a simple utilisation of the basic human urge to tap out a beat.

We’ve seen a few campaigns of late that also use this primal drumming desire, from Gu’s interactive drum billboard in the heart of London, to Red Bull inviting students to create rhythms from basic classroom paraphernalia.

Although the MTV campaign amounts to little more than a well-placed piece of paper, it taps into something deep in the core of the user, something truly unique and expressive of the individual.  It’s also a simple and clever use of existing media.

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