Music is sewn into the heart of fashion

Fashion and music have always been intrinsically linked throughout history, working in tandem to define cultures, genres and trends the world over. However, music is now becoming more than an accompanying in store soundtrack and finding root within the very fabrics we wear.

We’ve seen plenty of niche examples of music being built into the fashion process over the last few years, from MP3 albums being released as T-shirts to embedded RFID tags in clothing that trigger music in changing rooms.

Just this week in Australia – during Melbourne Music Week - we noticed yet another example of how sonic branding can be applied directly to fashion garments.

Boutique fashion brand Where Lovers Lie teamed up with local sonic branding experts to create ‘Squeeze Me Lightly Where Lovers Lie’, a fashion installation that plays music when touched. The installation relays information back to a computer, enabling those who squeeze the garment to be part of a unique and playful sensory adventure, controlling and composing their own audio sounds.

So what does this all mean? Well, although these types of technology are clearly still at a nascent stage, music and its presence within the fashion industry is on the cusp of an evolution. No longer confined to in store soundtracks the massive influx of creative work we have seen from leading fashion brands in the wider music marketing space – from Converse through to Burberry - is crossing over into the customer facing retail sector. The question is who will be first to instigate a bold new approach when it comes to cohesively joining up the dots between technology, music and fashion.

Music has the ability to forge deep emotional connections that turn clothing from mere garments into lifestyle statements. Now, more than ever before, there is a real sense that music has a critical role to play in the new in-store experience, enhancing the relationship we have with the clothes that define so much of who we are.

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