Navel gazing music

Skincare brand Mama Mio has rolled out a slightly bizarre ‘singing navel’ campaign to promote its ‘Get Waisted: body shaping serum’ and also raise some money for its ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ charity. A viral video of the track ’Check Me Out’ by ‘Belle and the Buttons’ (note: not Belle and Sebastian) has been seeded across numerous social networks and music blogs. The track has also been made available as a ringtone.

The campaign supplements the brand’s broader ATL campaign, which is supposed to reveal the brand’s “sass, wit and charm”. Accompanying print ads recently depicted a female judge in a crop top.

The campaign has even created a bit of an historic back story for the fictional band - who cite their influences as being Belly Furtado, Tum Jones and N-Tubz. "We've got something different to offer," says lead singer Belly Bouton, "others sing from the heart, we sing from the gut".

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