New Balance: Urban Dash

Want to get your hands on a shiny new brand of free trainers without looting your local sportswear shop? There's an app for that...

We love a good dose of urban gaming. Anything that takes the often sedentary digital marketing world and makes it run around the block a few times is all good by us.

We’ve seen a fair few campaigns that force people up out of their comfy chairs and out onto the streets in order to get stuck into ‘play’ based marketing promotions, from Citroen’s StreetSeekers urban treasure hunt to the phone box race that is Nike Grid.

Footwear brand New Balance is now the latest brand to give its customers the run-around with the introduction of the New Balance Urban Dash iPhone app.

The app will release hundreds of digital batons around New York city, which players have to capture and attempt to return to the brand’s flagship store by outrunning other players in order to claim a free pair of New Balance 574 Shoes.

Not only that but the person who manages to collect and return the most virtual batons will win a 14k gold baton worth $20,000.

Similar in style to Mini’s ‘Mini Getaway’ alternate reality chase game from last year, players are able to steal the virtual batons from each other if they get into close proximity with another player, turning a simple gaming mechanic into an urban battleground.

It's a clever spin on a giveaway stunt, which not only offers a genuine incentive to take part but also manages to put the focus on the product's core postitiong, in this case running.

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