Nike and Ellie Goulding create running film

Ellie Goulding is once again partnering up with Nike in order to showcase her passion for running and music, this time through the creation of a new documentary film and an accompanying running mix.

Ellie Goulding launched the new collaboration with an exclusive acoustic performance at the 5th Avenue Niketown New York store last night as part of the city’s wider Fashion’s Night Out celebrations. The singer then hit the streets of New York running alongside 150 fans and members of the New York Nike+ Run Club across the city and central park.

The singer/songwriter is currently hard at work preparing for 'Nike+ Run to the Beat', a half marathon that takes place in London in September.  Her fans will be able to follow her training schedule in the run up to the release of a short film, shot on location across the UK and US, which will highlight her two main passions in life – music and running.

"It's fantastic to be able to combine two things that I am so passionate about with such a cool brand,’ said Goulding. “Being able to run while on a busy touring schedule is difficult but it is something I make a priority and I think this film will show how I manage to combine the two”.

A 30-minute running mix ‘Run Into The light’ has also been developed in conjunction between the brand and the artist, and is available to download via ITunes.

Ellie has been working with the sportswear brand for some time now, and last year embarked on seven outdoor runs accompanied by a small number of fans selected from her online fan community.

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