Nike: Defying gravity

A new digital installation from Nike in Argentina, entitled ‘Nike Air Show’, is helping its footwear to defy the laws of physics.

Despite its title the ‘Nike Air Show’ is not a sponsored display by the Red Arrows, in fact its more akin to blow football – only with Nike footwear instead of footballs.

The people behind the campaign refer to it as a mix of advergaming and P.O.S.

A specially created in store installation enables users to power one of two racing Air Max shoes (which have been attached to magnets to give the illusion of them floating on air) across a race track by blowing into a computer mic.

The concept here is that the shoes are being powered by customers' ‘air’, thereby highlighting the USP of the footwear.

Ok, it’s not quite the hover board from Back to the Future that everyone wants, but it’s a step in the right direction. All they need to do now is to make a version strong enough to actually enable people to discover the weightless sensation of being inside the Nike Air Max as it levitates.

Nike + Castro: Nike Air Live Show_ english from Castro Innovation on Vimeo.

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