Nike: Extreme mixing

Nike has partnered up with Wu-Tang rapper and Grammy award winning producer RZA on a series of new commercials in the US promoting a new line of Nike 6.0 ‘extreme sports’-styled footwear.

The three new spots – dubbed ‘RZA vs. Nike 6.0’ – feature the producer in a studio setting live mixing audio to a series of extreme sports videos featuring BMX biker Garrett Reynolds, surfer Kolohe Andino and motocross rider Ryan Dungey. The RZA created remixes are available to download for free from the Nike 6.0 website.

Highlighting the process of musical creativity is rapidly becoming an essential part of the new wave of download giveaways. The move by Nike follows a key trend whereby brands are giving their endorsers space to be creative around the brand, letting them work to a free brief as opposed to over directing the outcome.

In a world awash with digital content every track needs a back-story. With extreme sports it is the anticipation and sharing of the riders’ journey that engages the audience, and not just the end result. The same can be said of music. Nike has attempted to capture the reactive emotion of the studio process in these commercials whilst also providing exclusive free content.

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