Nike France: run the night

Introducing the Nike75Crew, a group of French runners who are apparently united by a passion for traversing the city by night.  The Lycra short clad troop appears to be hell bent on turning urban running into the new raving, if the epilepsy-educing ad below is anything to go by.

“The city is our playground. No rules, just fun,” states the Nike75Crew, as they take to the streets at night to explore all their city has to offer, from the odd bit of parkor, right through to a grabbing a quick burger at the end.

What this campaign serves to do is highlight now running is now the reserve of the passionate, not just the sport enthusiasts and the health freaks. You can run simply because you want to run – and grabbing fast food at the end is all part of the casual approach.  Run to feed your inner hunger, if you will.

If you fancy joining in the Run&5Crew is holding its first all-welcome running session tonight at the Nike Store Bastille in Paris, with an hour long city jaunt at 8:30pm.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, a consecutive second round of Nike Grid – the urban running game which invites runners to claim their postcode – gets off the blocks on Friday in the UK with 2,204 runners rushing between London phone boxes.

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