Nike goes back to the future

Nike is teasing a major announcement tonight that could finally see the launch of the much-anticipated (for over 25 years to be precise) Nike Air Mag footwear, as depicted in one of the greatest product placement movies of all time, Back To The Future II.

We’ve reported before on some attempts to develop the magical self-lacing sneakers worn by Marty McFly on this very blog, whether they will actually emerge as a reality tonight remains to be seen, but some form of partnership between Nike and the iconic movie trilogy seems certain.

Nike recently sent out black box invitations to an upcoming launch event, allegedly from Doc Emmett Brown himself, containing a bottle of 1985 style Pepsi, 1980’s sweets, a copy of the movie and Doc’s famous futuristic wrap around silver shades. “Tinker Hatfield, vice president of design and innovation at Nike, cordially invites you to an unveiling that could change the course of tim,” read the attached invitation.

Also in the box was an iPod shuffle with the words 'play me' on, which revealed a personal message from what seemed to be the Doc himself (who was last seen popping up in an ad in Argentina for a technology company)

An accompanying YouTube video -seemingly posted by a DocEmmettBrown88 (see below) reveals shelves lined with the famous footwear.

If the limited edition footwear does exist, it isn’t likely to be on those shelves for long.

No word on the hover board though yet.

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