Nike: Shred the Internet

Here’s a simple, yet highly effective, branded web-takeover campaign, courtesy of Nike SB. Aiming to replicate the adrenaline of skate boarding on the street within the conservative and ordered environment of everyone’s favourite social networks, Nike harnessed the essential daredevil elements that make skate boarding so attractive.

The brand partnered up with a both Facebook and Twitter - in addition to a selection of custom URLs - in order to enable skate enthusiasts and casual players to skate the “best spots on the Internet”.

For example, The Facebook Wall Ride enabled users and their friends to skate across their Facebook profile page just with an addition of a simple line of code. Users could also tailslide their Twitter page and add a video of Paul Rodriguez skating a mini ramp to their personal websites.

However, the most interesting part of the campaign is the ability to showcase individuals in their own personalised banner ads, simply by having them recreate a series of skate pose photographs.

“It’s just like skating in real life only there are no cops and it’s way less painful if you don't land it,” stated the promotion’s preamble.

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