Nike: We are the destroyers

Nike has launched a new campaign that turns the art of creation on its head, as the sportswear brand puts forward the notion that “all creators are destroyers”.

The ‘we are the destroyers’ campaign – designed to promote the Nike Destroy Jacket and accompanying footwear - brought together a diverse array of talent, from musicians and artists to athletes, for an evening of destructive mayhem in London.

Held at the Nike 1948 store on Batemans Row in Shoreditch the central event featured a live boxing match between WBA Super Heavyweight Champion Kina Malpartida and her sparring partner Lissett Medel, which featured live musical accompaniment from UK punk outfit Gallows.

The rest of the venue played host to a variety of destructive acts. Amsterdam design studio I Have Pop developed a replica of the NSW Destroyer jacket, constructed from a single block of charred wood, while British jewelery designer Duffy created a skull out of cyclist Mark Cavendish's crushed bike.

Other activities included live tattooing courtesy of Frith Street and live DJ workshops from Japanese DMCs Kireek

“The passion for destruction is a creative passion, because the old must die for the new to be born” states Nike, as it harnesses the raw energy that drives a variety of creative cultures. It’s a clever premise, and one that manages to blend sport with the wider arts without being pious or heavy handed in its support, enabling artists to create and learn side-by-side with their sporting counterparts.

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