Nissan: accidental test drive

Getting people out up out of their comfy seats and into dealerships to take test drives is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result dealerships are now having to go to extreme lengths to increase footfall and drive potential customers into their vehicles.

Arabian Automobiles, a dealership in Dubai, decided to take matters into their own hands and quite literally force drivers of competing SUVs into a test drive situation whether they liked it or not.

The guerrilla campaign was part of a promotional effort for the luxury Nissan Patrol model. It involved 'parking in' stationary vehicles, whilst leaving a note on the windscreen that said they were welcome to move the Nissan themselves when they subsequently returned and couldn't drive their own one away.

Once inside they were apologised to and invited to take their time moving the vehicle, enabling them to sample its luxurious interior and the feel of being behind the wheel. All the in-car reactions were filmed using hidden microphones and cameras. For those that simply wanted a quick getaway they were offered a free gift from within the on board cooler box, which contained more info on the car they could sample at their leisure.

This model of direct interruption isn’t for everyone, and does run the risk of alienating some customers permanently. However, if the product is good enough and the experience ends up being a pleasant one then the return on the initial risk can be extremely rewarding.

Despite initially irritating their potential customers, Arabian Automobiles managed to persuade 78% of those who were forcibly put behind the wheel to sign up for a ‘real’ test drive at the dealership.

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