Nissan: Porsche Killer

Got a killer stat that highlights the benefits of your product over that of your competitor, but not sure how to leverage it in a tangible way? Then this guerrilla promotion from Nissan is worth a look, as they managed to make it work with seemingly stellar results.

Nissan wanted to drive awareness of its 2012 GT-R model and increase showroom footfall, directly targeting the customers of one of its key rivals, Porsche.

A simple outdoor Guerrilla activation in Germany took the one killer stat that Nissan had in its arsenal – that the GT-R holds the lap record at the Nürburgring in Germany – and literally put it in the faces of Porsche owners.

A dedicated team hunted down parked Porsche vehicles across Germany, applying an especially created decal to the front windscreen. When the owner then returned to their car and sat in the driver seat they were confronted with the rear view of the Nissan GT-R – the idea being that the rival vehicle was outpacing them.

There is a high irritation factor with this style of marketing campaign, but the risk is somewhat mitigated by the fact that the ad hits straight at the heart and ego of rival drivers – something that requires this kind of up close and personal contact.

As ever the proof is in the pudding, and the well baked results – which saw tests drives in the region increase by 23%in the two weeks after the promotion – point to an effective and targeted use of a killer stat.

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