Nokia: Bootleg Festival

Nokia has quietly launched the 'Nokia N8 Summer Sessions', a digital music festival focused on providing original content from emerging artists.

The music event, also dubbed the ‘Bootleg Festival’, will run over the summer months and feature original acoustic session recordings from some of the best names in indie music - such as The Vaccines, Mona, Ben Howard and Cults - all recorded on the new Nokia N8 handset.

The low key music videos, which are being released exclusively via the brand's Facebook page,  are being billed as “The Perfect Companion For Your Summer Festivals”, a digital addition to the plethora of music content surrounding the heady three-month festival season.

The crystal clear music videos certainly manage to convey the high definition capabilities of the handset. However, the promotion seems somewhat buried beneath the fold on the brand’s Facebook page, and PR around the initiative appears to be minimal to nonexistent, which could account for the relatively low view counts.

That aside the actual campaign concept is a smart one for both brand and band, with the former turning a product demo into a piece of credible, exclusive music content aimed directly at the artists fanbase and the latter netting the opportunity to access a 96,000 strong Facebook audience outside their normal sphere of influence.

The creation of original music video content follows on directly from Nokia's recent involvement with the Sugababes on a viral music video for the girl group's new single.

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