Nokia: Foursquare powered vending machine

Here’s yet another clever use of the humble vending machine, this time from Nokia as part of its sponsorship of Social Media Week.

The Nokia Gift Machine is a cashless and button free system, triggered into action via Foursquare. Users simply check in to the hastag #NokiaConnects via Twitter to receive a surprise gift, ranging from the standard chocolate bar fare you’d usually find in vending machines right up to mobile accessories and a shiny new N series handset.

The promotion forms part of the brand’s ‘random acts of kindness’ campaign that has rolled out globally this year. Users can check in once a day and 1,000 blue gift canisters are up for grabs.

It’s an interesting spin on the standard brand giveaways notably associated with trade fares, however we do miss the promo girls. Although this is tied in directly to the event sponsorship and a neat little idea, it does feel very impersonal, and ironically in a socially wired world it creates something of a disconnect between the brand and the consumer.

Clever, yes, but lacking a tangible human element. If the check in triggered a human being  or even a hand, to pass over your gift -  like Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine -  it would feel that much more personal.

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