Nokia: hamster wheel

Nokia was one of the many brands to rock up at the South By Southwest Festival this year as it promoted its eco credentials in the Green Zone at the annual music and technological innovation event in Austin.

The mobile manufacturer set up a simple mobile recharging unit that required participants to put a little more effort into powering up their ever-essential devices than merely plugging in a wire.

Presented under the same tagline as its ad campaign for the N8 from last year, “it’s not technology, it’s what you do with it”, those who wanted to put some power back into their mobile had to run a few miles in the large circular wheel. After which they could relax on benches made from recycled phones.

“The Hamster Wheel, inspired by an invention from our community, is a fun and playful way to add value to the SXSW experience and get the alternative energy message across in a truly interactive way,” said Phil Hickey, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Nokia, in a recent interview.

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