Nokia: Mission Backstage

Nokia France has developed a web based alternate reality game in partnership with popular French pop/rock band BB Brunes in order to promote the release of the Nokia N8.

Mission Backstage, an “interactive video where you are the hero,” serves up a point of view series of video shorts whereby the viewer has to make ‘choose your own adventure’ style decisions at various points in the game in order to effect the ongoing storyline.

The action starts as the members of BB Brunes leave a pool hall to get into a cab, as they do so one of them (Adrien Gallo) drops his phone (a Nokia N8) leaving the viewer to pick up the device.

The object of the game is to return the handset to Adrien and this task sees the player entering various locations, such as record company offices, stage rehearsals by the band, and backstage at a concert. On the way they will encounter various characters adding to a profile database of the people they have met. Each character profile - which ranges from the band members to an old lady and her dog - features three music tracks linked through to the Nokia Ovi Store.

In addition, the campaign starts with an exclusive free ringtone and music download from the band, with additional content unlockable as the players progress through the game.

Players can also share their ongoing progress in the game with their social media friends via prompted Facebook and Twitter buttons at the end of each scene.

Winners net a face-to-face meet and greet with the band, giving them actual access to their backstage world, with other prizes including Nokia N8 handsets, mini speakers and Nokia Ovi music vouchers.

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