Not a dry FRUKT eye in the house

A couple of nights ago a few of the FRUKT gang headed over to West London to watch the thoroughly amazing documentary ‘Mission to Lars’. It follows Tom, who has Fragile X syndrome and his lifelong obsession to meet his hero Lars Ulrich, the drummer from the world’s biggest (and in my opinion greatest ever) metal band, Metallica.

Tom’s sister, the journalist Kate Spicer and her brother Will decide that by trying to make Tom’s dream a reality they can become closer to him and learn more about his condition. The film is beautifully shot and is far more than a music or road trip documentary, it’s a moving account of learning to understand people’s debilities, the way that passions can drive us and how we learn and relearn to communicate with each other.

We’re hoping it gets the distribution it deserves. If you see it showing anywhere near you, go!

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