Not just a pretty clock face

Axe Japan is the latest brand to team up wiht the Bijin-Tokei craze in Japan in a bid to boost the male deodorant market.  The Bijin-Tokei website (meaning ‘Beautiful Girls Clock’) offers up a different photo of a girl every minute to tell you the time in a slightly voyeuristic version of the speaking clock.

Axe has positioned QR codes on its deodorant spray cans that can access one of the ‘Miss Campus Mobile Bijin-Tokei’ - a selection of University beauty contest winners. Each girl represents a different Axe scent, and can be downloaded to mobile phones in order to act as your own personal timepiece.

What seems like a gimmick actually has plenty of business scope in Japan, with the Bijin-Tokei site having already teamed up with a number of local brands.  The site only went live less than a year ago and has already notched up around 5M unique users and 2.5B page views.

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