O2: World’s fastest panto

O2 takes the ubiquitous holiday season Elf Yourself campaign and gives it a theatrical spin in a new digital campaign this Christmas, which sees users creating the world’s fastest pantomime.

Much like Elf Yourself, the online activation invites users to upload photos of their friends, family, work colleagues to become the various pantomimed characters, Prince Charming, Ugly sisters, etc.

The following break-neck speed production of Cinderella then crams in the crucial elements of the story into a mere 20-seconds.

Each performances raises 50p for charity and O2 is looking to raise £10,000 via the campaign. No overt O2 branding features within the campaign, however, the digital activity will be promoted via text to 9.7 million O2 customers.

“The world’s fastest panto is a very engaging and fun communication that touches all facets of our business,” said Jess Plumbe at customer conversations, O2. “The idea actually started out as a campaign for one team, but it was loved so much by the other parts of the company, that we decided to send it out more widely for all to enjoy."

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