Old Navy records Original hits

After the relative success of its long running ‘Supermodelquins’ promotion, which saw its store mannequins featuring prominently in commercials, the US fashion retailer is looking towards music for its latest marketing campaign.

Seemingly inspired by the popularity of Glee the brand is embarking on a new promotion, “Old Navy Records. Original hits. Original styles”, which aims to put a more human and active (i.e. less plastic and static) spin on its previous marketing efforts.

The new campaign will focus directly on Old Navy’s target customer profile, referred to as "Jennie" - a 25 to 35 year old woman looking for on-trend fashion at great prices for herself and her family. She also, apparently,  has a penchant for a good tune.

"Music is synonymous with fashion for Jennie. What she listens to is as important as what she wears and we are always looking for new and culturally relevant ways to engage with her," said Amy Curtis-McIntyre, SVP of marketing at Old Navy. "By integrating music with Old Navy's on-trend looks, we build more energy between Jennie and the brand."

The retailer has developed a series of music videos featuring fictional artists performing in a number of everyday settings, such as a grocery store or at the dentist. The videos have been created by director Joseph Kahn (responsible for iconic videos for the likes of Eminem, Rihanna and Britney Spears) that will feature in stores, online, in TV ads and across mobile devices.

The first ‘original band’ to perform is The Audio Threadz who will make their debut with the track "Super C-U-T-E." All the branded tracks will be made available to download.

In addition to the ads Old Navy has entered into an interesting partnership with mobile music recognition service Shazam, which will offer in ad tagging of all the songs as they are released directing customers to download the tracks as well as information on the key looks featured in the songs, styling tips and exclusive deals.

An early trailer for the new music campaign is shown below, where the 'Supermodelquins' of the brand's previous campaign try out - somewhat unsuccessfully - for a role in the new lifestyle-based musical commercials.

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