Olympics Insight 3: The Road to Rio

As London returns to some semblance of normality post Olympics, FRUKT takes a retrospective look at the brands that aligned with entertainment and culture during London 2012, whilst also looking ahead to new engagement opportunities in Rio.

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Described as an “arms around the world” moment, the Closing Ceremony of London 2012 saw music standing firmly on the Olympic podium alongside sport. With the grandiose theatrics of the Opening Ceremony behind us, this was an out and out party, an inclusive celebration, designed to bring the nation and the globe together for one last blast of entertainment.

Now, with the Torch extinguished, all eyes turn to Rio. With a World Cup and the 2016 Olympics pending, the deeply ingrained entertainment culture of Brazil promises to offer even more opportunities for brands that want to connect with fans when they are at their most passionate

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