OMO: We know where you live

Unilever's Omo detergent brand is turning the on pack promo into a reversed treasure hunt. Instead of consumers playing scavenger hunt or some form of online game, they themselves become the pawns in a branded game of cat and mouse.

Selected boxes of the detergent brand that go on sale in Brazil will feature embedded GPS technology enabling the brand to track the user all the way to their front door.

The brand aims to have one of its team at “your house as soon as you do" in order to gift the winner with a portable video camera and invite them to take part, along with their family, in a day of Unilever-sponsored outdoor fun. What’s more the pack will feature a remotely activated buzzer for those who fail to open the door to the competition hit squad (here’s hoping the pack isn’t picked up by a pensioner with a heart condition).

The privacy alarm bells may be ringing louder than the buzzer here, but its not as stalker-like as it first seems.  The brand isn’t attempting to track all of its purchasers – some 80% often Brazilin population – what they are doing is offering up an extremely personalised reward to a select number of customers.

The promotion runs under the ‘Try Something New With Omo’ tag line, part of the global ‘Dirt Is Good’ campaign. Given Brazil’s high crime rate it may take some doing to get people to open their doors to strangers. However, it’s definitely a brave, innovative and targeted take on the traditional on pack competition which will no doubt throw up some interesting viral footage.

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