The one-on-one music experience

Music is by and large perceived as a highly social medium, with fans scrambling for concert tickets and flocking to festival fields across the country every summer in order to experience music among the masses.

However, music can also be an extremely intimate and personal experience too, but few brand activations have tapped into the more introspective aspect of music - those deeply personal music moments behind the headphones.

The real reason for this is clear, and ultimately boils down to numbers - activating for an audience of one simply doesn’t add up to a great ROI. Big events are favoured for their perceived scale and reach, and rightly so in the majority of cases.

However, in an age where consumers are increasingly demanding personalised experiences, and at a time when amplification across social media often comes down to gaining ground with key influencers, is pleasing just one fan (and doing it well) now something worth exploring?

Take ‘Folk in a Box’, for example, a low-fi music experience which places one fan and one musician in a pitch black box for the ultimate, intimate music experience. The concept has been around for a while, turning up at music festivals such as Secret Garden Party, plus Tate Britain and a variety of urban high streets.

We love the simple hand-crafted concept, and there is arguably room here for this to be upscaled. Imagine a giant pop-up comprised of multiple stacked boxes, each with a different musician inside (some famous, some not) actively supported by a brand. A hidden festival, experienced by one fan at a time, echoing back to the listening booths of the 1950s — with a dose of ‘Deal or no Deal’ uncertainty as to what you might get.

FRUKT's research into what music fans want from brands throws up 'Proximity' (getting closer to artists) time and time again. In a social media led world where status envy and FOMO (the "fear of missing out") is increasingly driving our leisure  pursuits, finding smart ways to offer highly personalised, limited edition music content and had-to-be-there live exclusives is going to become increasingly important.

Folk in a Box: The Making of! from David Knight on Vimeo.

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