Orange: Give it some Welly

With festival season in full swing in the UK brands are eagerly setting up their consumer focused stalls for another year.  Amongst all the branded buses, deckchairs and VIP relaxation zones some brands will be looking to offer a helping hand rather than a pampering service. One such brand is mobile operator Orange which is unveiling its fashionable, yet functional 'Orange Power Wellies' at Glastonbury this year.

The thermoelectric boots will able the wearer to recharge their mobile handset via the heat generated by their enthusiastic dancing feet (twelve hours of stomping generates an hour of charge). A relatively effortless and eco-friendly option, this is yet another neat idea from the brand that brought festival goers foot pump and tent top chargers.

A  brand offering some form of practical utility is going to be remembered as a festival saviour by a well-weathered fan who just wants to get cleaned up or regain their communications.  This is VIP pampering of the practical kind.

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