Orange: interactive social wristbands

Orange joins a long line of brands that have bridged the gap between the physical and the digital world, enabling festival goers to stay constantly connected to their social media friends.

Festivals can be an expensive affair, but through the use of RFID technology, attendees can take all their friends with them virtually, reliving each moment live online with minimal effort.

At Roxy Pro 2011 -  the world renowned surf, art and music event - the mobile brand gave Facebook Connect wristbands to attendees and provided numerous opportunities across the site for them to connect with friends in the outside world, simply by swiping their wrist against a scanner.

Wristband users could check in their location, post photos to their Facebook wall, win a range of daily prizes and even give something back to the wider surf community, as every 100 wristband check ins provided a surfing lesson for a needy young person via the ‘Surf Insertion’ program.

The campaign - which saw an average 10 swipes per user a day - netted 120,000 views on Facebook, with 10% of user generated posts going on to spark a conversation as opposed to a 1% rate for standard banner campaigns.

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