Orange: movie-style Twitter voiceovers

We’re still really enamoured with Orange’s social media efforts under its long-running promotion entitled, ‘The Feed: adventures on the Internet’.

These simple snippets of social fun really understand the fleeting community spirit of the micro-blogging platform, helping to turn the most mundane of tweets into interactive and engaging social experiences.

Whether it’s Twitter portraiture, creating personalised royal wedding plates, pitching up at your office with a winter warmer or turning your messages into singing telegrams, Orange has developed a hub that is just begging for return visits, whether for prizes, rewards or just some light-hearted, temporary fun.

Even the more basic premises, such as taking snapshots of your festival footwear, manage to garner plenty of interest.

This summer the mobile brand is offering up the chance to turn your somewhat lacklustre tweets into mini epics, by having them read out loud in the style of an action movie voiceover.  Simply tweet your summer plans using the hashtag #thissummer and Mitch the voiceover man will transform them, providing you with a personalised audio trailer for your summer.

Not only is this a simple and easily accessible campaign, it’s also highly cost effect (simply hire a voiceover guy and have him read aloud user generated text). Not to mention that fact that this particular effort ties in directly with Oranges long running cinematic associations.

The key here is in the commitment. Orange haven’t stumped up one clever idea – such as Tweetagrams – and left it at that. They own the space, providing continuous and varied content that keeps their Twitter followers on their toes eager to see what bizarre ideas come next.

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