Orange: My movie poster

We're always impressed by the simple slices of user generated content that Orange creates via The Feed, its digital destination that offers up consistently engaging little “adventures on the Internet”.

We’ve written about various innovative little uses of social media before, from turning Twitter updates into songs, to inviting people to create their own customised commemorative plates.

Here’s yet another simple promotion to add to the ever expanding list of clever little ideas, this time tying in directly to Orange’s ongoing collaborations with the film industry.

My Movie Poster is designed to promote Orange’s latest partnership with iTunes, whereby it is offering free film rentals, by inviting users to star in their very own movie poster.

An app takes information from a participants Facebook profile and asks a few choice questions to develop a cinematic plot line, which is then handed over to an artist to create a bespoke printed film advert.

The concept is a simple reworking of the Twitter Portraits promotion that was offered via The Feed last year, cleverly refocused to build awareness of the brand’s latest movie rewards promotion.

As with all of these efforts, it’s the attention paid to creating tailored content that makes the whole process so engaging, building a direct rapport between the brand and its audience, treating people as unique individuals as opposed to merely generic consumers.

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