Orange: My Royal plate

Missed out on netting a small fortune because you, unlike somebody you probably know, didn’t bother to invest in the creation of some Royal Wedding memorabilia tat to sell to unsuspecting overseas anglophiles on the Internet?

We feel your pain.

Well, here’s an interesting take on the whole memorabilia spin from Orange, which turns the creation of that Royal Wedding staple, the commemorative plate, into something much more personal.

The telco brand is offering to turn special ‘un-royal moments’ into illustrated plate designs based on people’s tweets. These can be anything from enjoying a great bike ride to baking a magnificent coffee and walnut cake, or (as depicted here) spying Brian May while at your favourite cafe.

Simply tweet your plate suggestions to #myroyalplate and the best entries could find themselves on the receiving end of an actual plate in the post.

It’s a cute cute idea from the brand’s long-running Feed portal  - which previously brought us Twitter Portraits and Tweetagrams – that turns the whole concept of commemoration into something individual and highly personal, celebrating the small moments that are worth sharing.

Orange is one of a small handful of brands that seems to have truly got to grips with the playful nature of Twitter utilising its social media audience in a fun, low cost campaign that is focused directly on real people and bespoke rewards.

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