Orange: Tweetagrams

Getting tired of Twitter? Feel your tweets just aren’t having the social impact they once did? Perhaps what they need is a bit of post-WWII vintage harmony?

At least that’s what Orange thinks. The mobile operator has devised a clever social media campaign entitled ‘Singing Tweetagrams’, offering to give your humble – and often mundane – Twitter banter an Andrews Sisters-style twist.

Simply add the hashtag #singingtweetagrams to the end of your Twitter message, and the most interesting messages will be quickly whisked away to the recoding studio and turned into singing telegrams by female a cappella trio the Rockabellas (think somewhere between The Pippettes and the girls from the Sheila’s Wheels commercials) within a few hours.

It’s a cute premise with a key focus on bespoke content for individuals, much in the same way that Old Spice recently opted to create custom video responses for websites that had written about their wildly successful ad campaign, or how Wheat Thins decided to reward those who said positive things about the brand on Twitter. Expect to see plenty more brands jumping onto the ‘real time response’ bandwagon in a bid to show an intimate connection with actual people in order to raise perception amongst the wider demographic.

The promotion is part of Orange’s ‘Feed: weekly bits of fun’ section on its main website. The campaign runs all this week, from the 4th to the 8th October.

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