The Oscars: Brands get into character

Whether they were tuning in to see their favourite celluloid icons walk away with glittering statuettes or merely scanning the highly anticipated onslaught of designer frocks on the red carpet, this year’s live telecast of The Oscars drew out the film buffs and the fashion connoisseurs in their droves. 

From Seth MacFarlane’s quirky musical intro to Jennifer Lawrence stumbling up the stairs, viewer figures ranked upwards of 40 million (an increase on 2012) with a notable upsurge (19%) in eyeballs among the 18-49 set.

The Oscars may have its roots in the cinematic medium, but the event is less about the movies themselves and more about the celebration of old–school Hollywood glamour, with all eyes on the catwalk as movie celebrities  - for one night only - feature on the same bill. If The Oscars were a movie, the cast production costs would be astronomical.

Naturally brands are eager to align with the action on the night, form the raft of high-end fashion brands on the red carpet, to the constant influx of $1.6 million ad buys during the course of the evening. With so many stars featuring in such a mammoth production - with an equally epic run time - netting your moment in the spotlight requires some considered work. As with the movies themselves, the brands that take the time to research their audience and hone the ‘character’ of their ad (engaging in a bit of method acting) are likely to reap the most rewards.

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