Palladium footwear and Pharrell explore Tokyo

Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams has teamed up with heritage footwear brand Palladium on a new ad campaign for its Fall/Winter 2011 collection, which sees the artist getting to the roots of underground Tokyo.

The campaign centres around a documentary film, entitled Tokyo Rising, whereby the musician explores the city’s hidden treasures, speaking with resilient locals in the aftermath of the huge earthquake that hit the region earlier this year.

The film seeks to uncover the spirit of Tokyo's creative class and provide insight as to how they are shaping their own vision of its future in the wake of extreme adversity. Pharrell can be seen interviewing local acts, such as rapper Verbal of the Teriyaki Boyz and electropop band the Trippple Nippples as he illuminates Tokyo’s rich underground subculture, whilst wearing footwear from the new Palladium boot collection.

"Palladium's core message is about urban exploring and putting your boots on to find out what's beyond the tourist guidebook," said Barney Waters, vice president of marketing for Palladium.

Ads are up and running across both print and online, appearing in magazines such as SPIN, Vice and VIBE and across ad placements on YouTube, Hypebeast and Facebook.

The film offer up a highly evocative snapshot of the nation's resilience and creativity and sees the brand muscling in on territory already well served by footwear brands such as Converse, as Palladium aligns not only with one of the aforementioned brand’s ambassadors, but strikes a key alignment with emerging regional talent.

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