Pedal-powered cinema

We’ve seen a vast array of initiatives using the humble energy of the bicycle of late, from Timberland’s pedal-powered smoothie makers at a number of UK music festivals, through to bike activated vending machines on the streets of LA. Now the people powered wheels of industry have turned their attentions to entertainment, presenting a new way to watch movies.

Cycle-in Cinema, created by Magnificent Revolution, is a new take on the old concept of the Drive-in cinema, expect this time it’s the vehicles powering the on screen action. It offers a more personal, user generated alternate to the massive multiplex cinema experience, turning the sedentary act of watching a movie into an all together healthier and more socialised event.

Film fans simply ride their own bicycle to the screening, plug in their bike to a one of the twenty pedal powered generators - which provide the electricity for the movie – and tune into the soundtrack via their mobile or a radio (via a 1 watt wireless transmitter).

Not only do participants get to power and watch a movie, they also get to learn about the energy consumption along the way via a screen that indicates how much power the group is generating.

It’s a great idea, and one that manages to fuse innovation, sustainability (both in terms of electricity and transport to the venue) and shared experiences – not to mention the appeal to keen cycle fanatics.

Cycle-In Cinemas are running a series of pedal-powered screenings popping up around the UK throughout 2011/2012.

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