Penguin: Retro marketing

You don’t always have to think big to be clever when it comes to Guerrilla marketing, as Penguin proves with this simple, low cost campaign in Brazil.

In order to draw attention to its latest range of Penguin classics the brand installed retro typewriters amid the laptops in the computer aisles of book retailers. The steam punk nature of the retro devices stood out beautifully against the more clinical hardware on display, with the bright red design inviting intrigued customers to stop and investigate.

The ‘Meet The Classics’ concept utilises a fairly basic premise, with the juxtaposition of the old against the new reminding customers that – unlike technology – certain books stand the test of time.

There is plenty of mileage in this ‘interruption’ advertising method, where simple everyday objects or situations are reengineered to jar the customer out of their routine perception of their environment. In a society bombarded with messages the subtlety of the slightly askew small thing can sometimes have more power than the all-singing, all-dancing, in your face promotion.

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