Pepsi: Display King

There has been an ongoing war over the years between Pepsi and Coca-Cola deliverymen depicted in Pepsi advertising.  Back in 1995 two rival Cola truck drivers secretly took a sip of the others Cola that ended in one being pushed through a diner window as he refused to let go of the rival brand once he’d had a taste.

Pepsi – unlike Coke (who’s truck drivers usually have a more jovial red suited outlook on life) – has always highlighted the direct rivalry between the two brands, and recently remade the iconic truck driver ad in July of this year, this time upping the aggression levels slightly.

Now at the start of November the duelling cola delivery guys are back, and this time they are attempting to outdo each other on the supermarket shop floor as they compete to be the ‘Display King’.

Starting with the challenge “this aisle isn’t big enough for two Zeros” the two baseball capped men set about creating the most pimped out Cola displays, from life size cars to smoke emitting rockets.  However, the Pepsi Max driver manages to go one step further by building a podium for Snoop Dogg to stage an impromptu live performance.

It’s a clever endorsement ad, which once again plays on an earlier commercial which saw the Pepsi driver’s truck kitted out with massive hip hop blasting speakers in order to promote Pepsi Vanilla.

What is interesting in relation to this commercial is how Coca-Cola has already gone beyond the Pepsi ad concept by installing innovative gravity defying displays in supermarket stores in the US. As ever Coca-Cola has concentrated on being the 'real thing' as opposed to merely alluding to greatness in the relative safety of a commercial.

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