Pepsi Max: Check-in concert

Pepsi Max is rolling out a unique promotion in conjunction with Foursquare during the South by Southwest Music Festival, which will enable users of the ever-popular location-based app to secure tickets to a one off concert experience.

Outkast rapper Big Boi will headline the exclusive concert, with support from both The Sounds and Locksley. However, it’s only a 2,000 capacity gig, so Pepsi Max and Foursquare have created a special check-in golden ticket style sweepstakes mechanic to enable attendees to net their place among the audience.

Those who follow Big Boi’s Foursquare profile and check-in during the Austin-based music event will be able to unlock a Golden Ticket Badge, which will secure them their concert ticket when displayed to a Pepsi Max representative.

It's a novel integrated promotion, and one that will no doubt serve to boost the followers of Big Boi’s Foursquare profile. The only slight stick in the mud, however, is that the event isn’t actually that exclusive – as Lexus, in conjunction with MOG, has the very same rapper appearing at their unofficial SXSW party a few days after the Pepsi event.

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