Perrier turns up the temperature

Perrier have released a somewhat voyeuristic marketing effort via the brand’s YouTube channel, as they offer up 'Le Club' the first YouTube video promotion that evolves based on the number of viewers who tune in.

The bottled water brand has uploaded a total of six separate versions of the same video, which depicts a low-lit point of view nightclub scene, to the site. A teaser video highlights a number of female club attendees as they strut around looking hot (in both senses of the word).

As more viewers tune in the club scene becomes more developed. “The more people who watch, the hotter the party” states Perrier. A temperature gauge next to the videos highlights which videos in the series have been unlocked, as the brand invites visitors to “share the heat”.  (Although the teaser element suggests something more seedy, we’re led to believe that the packed club actually starts to melt by the last video)

The promotion – part of a wider campaign that is live in US, France, Belgium and Canada this summer - is directly related to Societe Perrier, the brand’s blog destination that has been running since May last year, which acts as a hub for social nightlife experiences.

An accompanying sweepstakes also offers up the chance to win VIP access to the "Le Club Perrier" party in September in New York at one of the city's hottest nightclubs.

Music in the YouTube campaign is supplied by Babe Youth, and the brand has provided a link to a free download of the track at the band’s website, offering up a dose of good karma for the brand with its youth audience, and a great bit of click through awareness for the group.

The videos themselves were created by Nez Khammal, who has worked on music videos for the likes of Kid Cudi, M.I.A. and Mika, again adding to the credibility of this nightlife based promotion.

In addition to all the digital activity there are some basic, yet interesting point of sale activities in bars and cafes, including phone numbers printed on napkins which invite those who ring to receive text messages related to the promotion and competition.

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