Peugeot: Hands-on digital marketing

Getting people to watch ads is becoming increasingly difficult, not just on TV –which is fighting a losing battle against the DVR – but also online where users are becoming increasingly blinkered due to banner saturation (over a trillion display ads were delivered in the US in Q1 of this year).

Peugeot initiated a promotion in Sweden recently aimed at ensuring viewers stayed tuned to their ad messages for a lot longer than they probably wished, not just a few minutes, but for hours and hours.

Taking the Touch the Truck TV model from 2001, which let the last person standing touching a vehicle win it. Peugeot replicated the concept online, with users touching one of three cars with a virtual hand.

The premise is simple. Remove your hand from your mouse (for more than the allotted three 5 second lifelines) and you’re out of the running. Hold on for the longest amount of time and you win a two-week test drive experience with your chosen vehicle.

A number of simple online tasks had to be completed in order to prove you hadn’t nipped out to the shops and taped the mouse button down.

The end prize is hardly in the same category as actually winning a car. This fact is evident in the dwell numbers, which although fairly arduous at 15 hours from the winner, don’t come close to the 81 hours seen in the original physical version of the concept.

That said the campaign did manage to push 9,000 words of “heavy sales” arguments upon its sedentary audience, with around 45,000 people (from over 86 countries, despite it being a Swedish promo) engaging with the site’s content for 1,000 of hours.

Burger King, is also currently using the high endurance game play model with the Whopper Lust promotion that rewards people for viewing its ads with free burgers. The longer you watch the more free food you receive.

Both campaigns serve to prove that in the 'ad + reward' world you have to be cruel to be kind.

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