Philips: Endorsement love

Philips is introducing a new series of online-only comedy shorts in order to promote its new range of products.

The ‘Nigel and Victoria - An Unromantic Comedy’ series depicts Dutch actress and celebrity Victoria Koblenko as she attempts to make a series of endorsement ads for Philips products. Unfortunately, a newly promoted marketing executive for Philips, Nigel Williams, has fallen for her and he’s not making the ad creation process very easy.

Nigel bumbles around the ad sets in a hapless way, using his Philips positioning to push himself onto creative proceedings that he has no real understanding of.

There will be eight, three and a half minute shorts in total, with a Facebook page set up so people can follow the ongoing un-romance.

The mock-documentary style is used to good effect here, with the comedic elements focused directly onto the products - which include iPad accessories, a solar rechargeable power pack, and waterproof headphones - and their benefits.

What is clever here is how the products themselves become placements within the narrative in a somewhat unsubtle way but still manage to not feel hard sell. It’s also encouraging to see a brand happy to parody itself in this way.

“Today’s online savvy consumers expect a brand to do more than simply push its products. Consumers want brands to engage with them in an open and credible way,” says Gary Raucher, VP and head of integrated communications at Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

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