Plug & play music festival print ads

Marketers are continually on the lookout for innovative ways to make the humble print ad stand out against the continued onslaught of digital promotions, whether its offering interactive test drives, integrated QR codes that obscure the key message or  ads that double as a light snack.

Here’s an attempt to side step the traditional print ad altogether by keeping the actual print element to a minimum and turning the placement into a plug & play radio ad.

Alcohol brand Skol teamed up with Playboy in Brazil on a media placement promoting the upcoming Skol Sensation dance festival by inserting an audio ad – in the form of a mini chip - directly into the front cover of the magazine.

The embedded ad was accessible simply by plugging in a headphone jack and pressing play on the spine of the magazine. At which point a woman’s voice seductively invites the listener to prepare his senses to experience "the most fantastic night of his life" at the Skol Sensation ‘Mysteries of Wonderland’ dance weekend.

It’s a clever, if not entirely groundbreaking, idea bolstered by the fact that the headphones themselves (which came free with the mag) were ‘on brand’ in the Skol yellow. Whether it will spark a run of talking ads is open to question, but the possibilities for embedding targeted messages into static images, tailored to specific publications, are certainly interesting.

There's also an option here for the somewhat tired cover-mount CD to become an integral part of a magazine, enabling brands to bring their audio identity, be it Portland indie bands or banging trance, to their print ads.

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